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Straight and Smooth

The experts at Charles Worthington have developed Straight & Smooth to help keep your hair straighter for longer.  Working closely in collaboration with world-renowned hair expert, Professor Wortmann at Manchester University, the product has been over two years in production to ensure the best results for your hair.


This breakthrough straightening treatment uses cysteamine, a gentle and effective straightening  active. Cysteamine works by re-programming your hair memory so your hair will stay straighter and not want to frizz, even in humid conditions.  Our patent - pending technology is blended with proteins and argan oil to leave your hair looking  smoother and healthier for longer.


Straight & Smooth is 100% ammonia and formaldehyde free meaning the product is safe to use and gentle on your hair.  


85% of women who trialled Charles Worthington Salon at Home, Straight & Smooth agreed it effectively straightened their hair for up to 6 weeks.

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